Upcoming Events

I would be honored to be considered as a speaker for your next event! 

Contact me for more information.

bethknobbe @ aol.com

Current Calendar:

Falling in Love: A Single Woman’s Reflection on Taking Risks, Making Friends, and Finding God – Saint Mary of the Lake, Chicago IL, July 2022 – saintmarys.org/summer

The Spirituality of Advocacy: Echoing the Call of the Gospel – Social Action Summer Institute (SASI), Collegeville MN, July 2022

Previous Events:

Mary & The Saints – Old St. Patrick’s Church, RCIA – November 2021

Single Life/Vocations Panel – Old St. Mary’s Church, Chicago – November 2021

Catholic Social Teaching/Young Adult Retreat – St. Vincent DePaul Church, Chicago

Single Life/Vocations Panel – Dubuque Area Discernment Retreat

Social Justice Speaker Series – Old St. Patrick’s Church, Chicago

Love in the Time of Corona
Old St. Patrick’s Church, Chicago

Theology on Tap- Chicago
Summer 2017

1 thought on “Upcoming Events”

  1. Love your ministry–will you be speaking in Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio?

    I am not even Catholic, but your words so resonate with my heart, particularly on the single life and God’s plan, spiritual direction. Are you aware of this wonderful non-denominational website, http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com? They have focused quite a bit recently on the single life. I believe it’s an issue that crosses all ages. Thank you for your service and sharing your own journey. Be well.

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