Virginia and the Wedding Invitation

We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

Virginia has already invited herself to my wedding.  Virginia is an old family friend, and every time my parents run into her, Virginia asks, “When is Beth getting married?  We can’t wait to come to her wedding!”  It’s not that I wouldn’t want Virginia at my wedding.  I just think she’s going to be waiting for a long, long time.   

I recently shared this story with a friend, who relayed a similar story.  As a 30-something single adult, she attended a family reunion, and her great-aunt remarked, “Oh poor thing, you never got married.”  As if her life was ruined and there were no hope for the future. 

My friend is not the kind of person who wallows in self pity.  Likewise, I don’t worry about whether or not there is a wedding in my future.  Life is not always perfect, but it is by no means incomplete.  I am blessed with an abundance of friends, a loving family, and fulfilling work.  I trust that God has a purpose in store for my life, and I’m amazed at the ways I see that unfolding. 

With whom are you being invited to spend your life?  Are there people, places, organization, or causes to which you have committed your time, passion, and creative energy?  Where are you being called to say “I do”? 

I want people to embrace the fullness of life, and I believe that only happens when we say “yes” to God’s invitation – no matter where God call us.  I’m celebrating a full and abundant life today, and you’re invited!

1 thought on “Virginia and the Wedding Invitation”

  1. Thanks for your openness, honesty, and thought provoking posts and questions. I just stumbled upon this blog tonight and see it as a blessing in my life. Looking forward to following it and thinking about the essay! God bless

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