Book Review: Busy Lives & Restless Souls


I am so excited to share this book review with you!

Becky Eldredge is the real deal!  Her first book “Busy Lives & Restless Souls: How Prayer Can Help You Find the Missing Peace in Your Life” flows from the lived realities of a married lay woman, juggling all the responsibilities that come with caring for children and elders, being present to spouse and family, and committing herself to ministry and church community.

Even before this book was published, I had tremendous admiration for Becky.  For many years, Becky was one of those people whose name would surface during conversations with friends and Jesuit-affiliated colleagues.  People were always surprised to learn that not only had Becky and I never worked together, but we had never even met!  When we finally had an opportunity to collaborate, there was an immediate sense of connection, and it is a joy to count her as a colleague and friend!

As I took my time reading this book, I felt like Becky was sitting in my living room sharing her life story with me – it is that authentic!  “Busy Lives & Restless Souls” provides a beginners look at Ignatian Spirituality and its practices of prayer, with the timeless wisdom of an experienced spiritual director and retreat master.  It is great for men and women of all ages who are re-discovering a place for God in their lives, and young adults (20s-30s) will especially appreciate her contemporary approach to the spiritual journey.

Becky brings hard won wisdom, a depth of understanding about the movement of the Holy Spirit, and a life-long friendship with God.  This is not pious pie-in-the-sky spirituality!  Becky has searched for God in times of transition and change, and she has experienced God’s healing as she navigates the experience of being a new mom.  She shows how God is present as a young couple negotiates the early years of marriage, geographical moves, and economic responsibilities.  Becky offers advice that has been sought out, tested, applied, and proven to work!

A regular practice of prayer is not always easy, but it is the one sure path to God’s abundant love and healing grace.  Becky invites readers into real life examples of daily prayer, and she situates the scriptures in the context of a busy life filled with work, motherhood, and ministry. Becky brings a whole new meaning to “finding God in all things” and her writing has opened my eyes even wider to encountering God in everyday life.

Be sure to check out her blog, featuring a series of posts about HOPE!  And her latest offering – an Online Busy Person’s Retreat.  And keep your ears open for more.  I am certain that this is just the beginning of what we’ll hear from Becky Eldredge!

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