The Grace to See What God Sees

I am excited to join Becky Eldredge and friends as a regular contributor to the blog “Into the Deep: Exploring Ignatian Spirituality through the Voices of Women”. This month’s blog series focuses on naming the graces! St. Ignatius invites us to ask God for a grace each time we pray. This month, blog contributors share stories about the graces God has given them and where God is leading them.

Photo by Jen Gunter on Unsplash

I knew the drawstring pulls on my window blinds were wearing thin. One string was dangling loose, and the other strand was precariously twisted around the first. One night I came home late in the evening, and without thinking I pulled on the cord to lower the blinds. Much to my surprise, the entire window covering came crashing to the floor! It was well past dark, and looking out to the city street, I was suddenly aware that the entire neighborhood could now see through my front window. My cluttered coffee table, the half-folded load of laundry on the couch, my beloved pottery collection – all there for the world to see. 

The pandemic has not been easy for any of us. It certainly has been more challenging for some people than others! Taking the blinders off, or perhaps watching them come crashing down to the floor, seems like a fitting image. What truly exists on the inside is shining forth for all to see…. [continue reading here]

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