Being Single: A Love I Never Expected

This month our team of writers at Into the Deep are sharing a variety of ways we live out our call to discipleship. The call to follow Christ ultimately leads to our “yes” through concrete steps and a unique path forward in life. We know this call is from God when it brings JOY to our lives and bears fruit for others. I am excited to join Becky Eldredge and friends as we reflect on the joy of discipleship, and I’m especially excited to share a new reflection on the Single Life.

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

I never expected love to look like this. 

The week before Christmas my adoptive family surprised me with an early gift. I teased them, “Is this some tradition of which I was unaware? A gift that must be opened before Christmas?!” They explained with great delight that this was a special exception just for me! I soon unveiled a red velvet Christmas stocking with the letter “B” embroidered at the top. The kids excitedly exclaimed, “It is so Santa knows that you’ll be staying at our house and to leave your gifts here!!”

It was truly a Christmas to remember. I never expected love to look like this. [Continue Reading …]

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