The Only Way Through Is Through

Our current series at Into the Deep explores the qualities of Contemplative Leaders. This series is based on an article from Becky Eldredge over at Ignatian Throughout the series, we invite you to consider, “How are you being invited to contemplative leadership?”  

This post was a tough one to write. As a writer, I’ve learned to blur the details in order to protect people’s confidentiality. One thing is for certain though: there is a lot of grace that comes from facing our fears and walking through the fire. Perhaps you were made for such a time as this!  

Photo by Nigel Cohen on Unsplash

My best friend and I went out for a long walk, early on Saturday morning. I talked until I was nearly out of breath, pouring out the details of a painful interaction I’d had with a colleague at work. It was not the first time I had witnessed this bad behavior, and I couldn’t shake it off. I finally decided to make a formal complaint to human resources. I had barely slept that week, tossing and turning nearly every night. Did I do the right thing? Finally, my friend spoke up.  “Aren’t you angry?!” she asked. “I’m too tired to be angry,” I replied.  (Continue reading here..)

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