Jesus the Healer

YoMB - Week 7 - Jesus the Healer

A year ago, I had the great privilege of working on a retreat project for the upcoming World Youth Day in Poland. The best part of the project was the chance to collaborate with two amazing writers and colleagues – Mike Hayes and Becky Eldredge.  Together, we explored various aspects of the theme “Blessed Are the Merciful”, inspired by the writings and witness of Pope Francis. During this Year of Mercy, Becky has dedicated her blog to continuing this theme, alongside the hashtag #MercyMatters.  I am grateful for Becky’s invitation to submit an occasional guest post. This week, I offer a reflection on mercy through the eyes of Jesus the Healer.

Mercy Matters: Jesus the Healer

Do not underestimate the extent to which you’ve been hurt.

We live in a broken world. We all carry a certain amount of physical, emotional, or spiritual wounds. Other people unwittingly project their brokenness onto us. We in turn, often unknowingly, although sometimes intentionally, take out our pain on others.

How often do we brush off people’s offers of assistance and diminish our need for help. “It’s not that bad. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

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