Mercy Revealed on the Cross


I am grateful to my friend and fellow blogger, Becky Eldredge, during this Holy Week for the chance to share a reflection about the “Good Friday” moments of life, and how we find God’s mercy revealed on the cross.

“Remain here and stay awake.” 
(Matthew 26:38)

I stood at Joe’s grave and wept. I never expected to grieve as much as I did.

Joe saw the cross coming. Cancer does that to you.  He fought, he prayed, he laughed, and he never stopped loving people. Ultimately, he put his life in God’s hands, while never giving up on the talent of his doctors.

On a cold January day, I stood at his grave with tears frozen to my face. I wept because he was gone, and I wept tears of deep gratitude for everything he taught me.

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