Belonging in Relationship

This month, our writing team members at Into the Deep are reflecting on moments of belonging, or more specifically, moments when we feel like we don’t belong. Head over to Becky Eldredge’s website to read my reflection. While you’re there, check out the new Prayer Resources page and *free* Guided Audio Prayer Library. I hope these resources help take you deeper in your walk with Christ this Lent. You belong here!

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

My best friend and I recently spent a long weekend getaway in Michigan. We stopped by a local vineyard to sample the wine and ran into a married couple on a Sunday outing of their own. The husband immediately cracked a joke with the hostess, before pulling up a spot alongside us in the tasting room. They were funny! He had a quick wit and a hearty laugh, while she interjected to finish the punch line to all his jokes. I imagine they are the kind of couple who make friends easily and throw good parties; someone you’d want to have as your next-door neighbor. It was easy to make conversation with them, and we found a common connection with our travels across Central America. They had lived all over the country, but were recently retired. “What brought you to Michigan?” we asked. (Continue reading …)

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