Finding Hope in Forgiveness

It strikes me that anyone searching for hope is likely doing so under less than ideal circumstances. We generally don’t go looking for hope when all is smooth and going well. If you’re sitting with the sting of tragedy, grief, anxiety, or disappointment – chances are you will find something in these reflections that will resonate with you. I’m grateful to all of our writers at Into the Deep for the ways they inspire me to maintain hope! Below is my contribution on Finding Hope In Forgiveness.

Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash

I need to apologize to you … 

I felt like the prodigal daughter who stomped away from a difficult conversation only to be filled with remorse. In a moment of frustration, I lost my patience and let loose on a colleague. I was looking for someone to blame and wrongly assumed that some verbal venting would make me feel better about a situation that was largely beyond my control. I did not choose my words wisely. After pouting for a few days, I crafted a carefully worded apology, and hoped for the right moment to say the words out loud. (Continue reading…)

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