Using Our Gifts: The Need is the Call

Our team of writers at Into the Deep are currently sharing about a need they have seen (or are seeing in their lives) and how they knew God was calling them (or is calling them) to respond to that need. God’s call is specific and sometimes immediate. In other words, the need itself is the call! Read below as I share about using my skills in public speaking to respond to God’s invitation in the world.

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

As a high school student, I competed in extemporaneous speaking on our speech team. Most of my classmates were intimidated by ‘extemp’! On the day of a competition, participants had one hour to prepare an original speech based on 3 possible prompt questions. While it was not always easy, I learned to thrive under pressure, and I worked hard to hone the skill of crafting a 5-7 minute impromptu speech. There was no way to be fully prepared, except to show up and do my best! (Continue reading here…)


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