Using Our Gifts: The Need is the Call

Our team of writers at Into the Deep are currently sharing about a need they have seen (or are seeing in their lives) and how they knew God was calling them (or is calling them) to respond to that need. God's call is specific and sometimes immediate. In other words, the need itself is the… Continue reading Using Our Gifts: The Need is the Call

The Call to Imitate Christ

Our team at "Into the Deep" has been reflecting on an Ignatian approach to discernment and how we invite God into our "deeper yeses" as we discern where God is calling us. Whether you are making a major career shift or simply trying to be more intentional about praying through your everyday decisions, check out… Continue reading The Call to Imitate Christ

When The Road Forks: A Difficult Consolation

One of St. Ignatius’s gifts to us is his wisdom about discernment, which all began when he was struck in the leg and severely injured by a cannonball. (Read the whole story from Becky Eldredge!) This month our team of writers at Into the Deep are reflecting on our own "cannonball moments" - times when we have… Continue reading When The Road Forks: A Difficult Consolation

By Waiting and By Calm

  I generally like to think that I’m a patient person. Lately, however, all of this waiting is really trying my patience!  Throughout this period of transition, there has always been something to keep me busy – writing assignments, part-time work, Spanish classes, job searches, preparing reflections for my prayer group, networking dates, trying new… Continue reading By Waiting and By Calm

Saying No In Order to Say A Deeper Yes

Back in the Fall, a friend of mine ventured this guess, “I bet anything that come February, you’re going to have four job offers, and you’ll have to decide which ones to decline!” While I was flattered by her words of encouragement, I was also feeling quite lost in the wide open ocean of unemployment.  I… Continue reading Saying No In Order to Say A Deeper Yes

Being In Transition … An Update

I sometimes get the sense that people are afraid to ask how the job search is going.  It’s not that they aren’t curious or concerned.  Perhaps they think I’d rather talk about other things.  Recently, a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite some time said, “I bet you’re getting tired of this question….”  I’m… Continue reading Being In Transition … An Update