The Call to Imitate Christ

Our team at “Into the Deep” has been reflecting on an Ignatian approach to discernment and how we invite God into our “deeper yeses” as we discern where God is calling us. Whether you are making a major career shift or simply trying to be more intentional about praying through your everyday decisions, check out our entire discernment series and read my most recent post below!

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

There is a tiny chapel tucked away off the stairwell landing at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Cleveland. The cozy space with its comfortable accent chairs and natural light is the perfect hiding place for prayer. Above the small altar, a large olive wood crucifix is firmly mounted against the reclaimed wood panel wall. A red mosaic candle flickers in the corner; a visible reminder of Christ’s presence hidden in the tabernacle embedded in the wall. Two portraits hang in the corner honoring the memory of the martyrs for whom the chapel is dedicated … continue reading here.


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