Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Every couple of months someone will stop and ask me if I work for National Public Radio. "Do you ever listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me? At the end of the show they list off the names of their producers, and I’m sure I heard your name! Are you a closet radio host?!  Are… Continue reading Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Callings Are Vocational and Locational

I have a job interview tomorrow.  I could certainly use all of your prayers and positive thoughts!  You can scroll to the bottom for a career update, or keep reading for some additional reflections. One of my first networking dates last summer was with my friend Andy.  We ran into each other at a mutual… Continue reading Callings Are Vocational and Locational

Saying No In Order to Say A Deeper Yes

Back in the Fall, a friend of mine ventured this guess, “I bet anything that come February, you’re going to have four job offers, and you’ll have to decide which ones to decline!” While I was flattered by her words of encouragement, I was also feeling quite lost in the wide open ocean of unemployment.  I… Continue reading Saying No In Order to Say A Deeper Yes

Must Read Articles for Catholic Singles

It’s been a busy couple weeks with a string of speaking events in Chicago and Wisconsin, which concluded this past weekend with a talk at the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Parish Leadership Day. I have grown quite accustomed to talking about the single life with other singles.  Parish Leadership Day gave me a chance to view… Continue reading Must Read Articles for Catholic Singles

Reflections on Recording the Audio Book

A mysterious package arrived this week from Franciscan Media (formerly St. Anthony Messenger Press).  I’m always happy to receive a package in the mail, but until I tore it open, I had no idea what might be inside.  Much to my delight, the box contained two complimentary copies of the audiobook of Party of One! … Continue reading Reflections on Recording the Audio Book

The Vocation to be Single

Today I came across this great article from Christine Whelan over at BustedHalo.com that I thought was worth sharing.  I also get this question quite often, “Can being single be a Vocation?”  It’s a tough one to answer!   For many of us “vocation” sounds so permanent, and not everyone who is single wants to be single forever. … Continue reading The Vocation to be Single