By Waiting and By Calm

  I generally like to think that I’m a patient person. Lately, however, all of this waiting is really trying my patience!  Throughout this period of transition, there has always been something to keep me busy – writing assignments, part-time work, Spanish classes, job searches, preparing reflections for my prayer group, networking dates, trying new… Continue reading By Waiting and By Calm

To Everything There is a Season

*Inspired by the good preaching of Fr. Ken Simpson (09/26/2014) I remember the first time I pulled an all-nighter in Chicago.  It was one of those, “I don’t want this night to end, so let’s stay up and watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan” kind of nights – which is always a brilliant idea in… Continue reading To Everything There is a Season

Being In Transition … An Update

I sometimes get the sense that people are afraid to ask how the job search is going.  It’s not that they aren’t curious or concerned.  Perhaps they think I’d rather talk about other things.  Recently, a friend who I hadn’t seen in quite some time said, “I bet you’re getting tired of this question….”  I’m… Continue reading Being In Transition … An Update