When The Road Forks: A Difficult Consolation

One of St. Ignatius’s gifts to us is his wisdom about discernment, which all began when he was struck in the leg and severely injured by a cannonball. (Read the whole story from Becky Eldredge!) This month our team of writers at Into the Deep are reflecting on our own “cannonball moments” – times when we have changed direction, awakened and confirmed new longings, and set out on a new path.  We also celebrate 500 years, since the start of Ignatius’ spiritual journey! You can find resources for celebrating the Ignatian Year here.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

“When it is time to leave, you will know, and it will be OK.”

The Holy Spirit has a way of placing words on my heart during prayer.  

I had been struggling with my position in campus ministry for longer than I care to admit. During my annual summer retreat, the question of whether or not to stay at my job took up nearly every moment of prayer. It was a long and sometimes painful discernment. I had made a lot of mistakes that year, and other people on staff had witnessed my frustration, including my boss. It was no secret that I might return from retreat that summer with a resignation letter in hand. Continue reading …

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